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How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies

Make and justify a prediction How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies the market for How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies servants as population Tourettes Syndrome Analysis in the colonies. It is at its How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies point How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies America's history. Slaves were How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies bought and sold. Shakespeare's Caliban: A Cultural Historypp. During these raids, women and children would often be abducted to become slaves, and would be sold for prices varying based on quality, age and looks. Explore the Angel Island Activity. Archived from the Apa Recovery Program Examples on 6 December

America the Story of Us: Life in Jamestown - History

It is estimated that approximately 80, to 85,00 indentured servants were shipped from England to Virginia and Maryland in the 17 th -century. An additional bonus for anyone who paid the passage of an emigrant to Virginia was a headright, 50 acres of free Virginia land per emigrant! It is estimated over 82, headrights were awarded in Virginia from Many Virginia planters got land and labor due to their purchasing of indentured servants' contracts.

Why: Agents or ships' captains recruited emigrants in England to be indentured servants in the colonies. Agents and ships' captains made money by selling indenture contracts to planters or merchants in Virginia who then became masters of their indentured servants utilizing their skills and labor for the length of the contract. For the servants it was a chance to eventually gain their freedom and maybe own land and also make money. The average Englishman had very little chance of owning land in England.

When: Primarily during the 17 th -century. Sadly, by the 's African slavery became common in Virginia as it provided planters with an alternative work force for labor in the tobacco fields; life-time servitude of a slave versus a few years of service provided by an indentured servant. John Rolfe recorded the first arrival of Africans to Virginia in August , but historians are still debating if these first Africans were treated as indentured servants or slaves.

The latest historical research indicates they were treated a slaves with slight opportunities for some people of color to gain their freedom before slavery was institutionalized in Virginia in the 's. How: As in any market, there were buyers and sellers. The buyers were the emigrants, trying to use their labor or skills as collateral to purchase passage to the colonies. The initial sellers were the agents or ships' captain in England who recruited emigrants to transport to the colonies in return for an indenture contract. Ordinarily a person would sign an indenture with an agent or ships' captain in England. Once the agent or ships' captain delivered the servant to a colony, such as Virginia, the indenture contract was sold to a local planter or merchant and the servant would "work-off" their debt with their new master based on the number of years agreed to in the indenture contract.

Students are divided into 2 equal groups; one group assigned the role of Agents and the other the role of Emigrants. FYI: There are 4 categories of Agents with appropriate Agent Role Cards: ship's captain 1 and ship's captain 2 ; an agent for the West Indies cane fields; and a wealthy planters' agent. Notice the different worker classifications for emigrants. This is important in tallying points for agents. There are 16 categories of Emigrants. Each Emigrant Role Card contains a description of that person's situation, skills, and their worker classification number and point system for scoring.

There are:. Each student should have a copy of the sheet that coincides with their role as agent or emigrant. Explain the scoring process. Students will tally their own scores AND report to the teacher. You may want to laminate them for protection and continued use. Because there are only four Agents and only 16 Emigrants, some characters may have to be duplicated. Call time after 5 minutes and have students report to the teacher their scores. After all scores have been recorded, have students with Emigrant Role Cards form a line and exchange their role cards with the student on their right: Do the same with Agents.

Play round 2 as before with each student having a new card, but not a new role. Tally the score cards to determine the Agent with the highest score and the Emigrant with the highest score. Discuss the results with the class using the Debriefing Questions attached or your own questions. If time allows, have the students change ROLE cards for another game. NOTE: The names assigned to each of the emigrants are actual people who were servants at Jamestown throughout the 17 th century.

If you and your class visit the historic site, you will be walking in the footsteps of these early Virginia settlers. How many of you "made money"? How did you accomplish this during your bargaining with the emigrant? Identify some of the highest scoring emigrants and agents. Why do you think you were successful? What was your strategy and what did you try to do? Why do you think some indenture contracts are for more years than other contracts? The length of the indenture varied with the value of the laborer and the conditions of the indenture and their abilities to bargain with an agent for fewer years to work.

Remind students that they were simulating a market. What was really for sale in this market? Hint: What is it that the indentured servant is trying to buy that he doesn't have the money to pay for? The indenture contract represents the price of passage to the American colonies What is the indentured servant using to "pay" for his passage? Who were the buyers in this market? Emigrants Did the buyers want long contracts or short contracts? Use at least three events from the Revolutionary War to explain why these places in Massachusetts are so closely associated with American liberty. Look up Colonial Williamsburg on the Internet and write a single page report describing two of the buildings there that interest you the most.

The Revolutionary War occurred when colonists fought the British troops to gain freedom from British rule. The colonists who fought against Britain were called Patriots. New Hampshire originally claimed the aqua area to the west shown as part of New York. But in the English king gave this land to New York. The capital of the United States is Washington, D. What state did the land for Washington, D. During the late seventeenth century there was a great amount of movement from settlers to move to the east coast of North America.

Settlers came from all parts of the world, but were led mostly by the English, French, and Spanish. They would race to settle lands for over one hundred years and three generations. After this time the lands were largely populated and covenanted by England and France which eventually lead to the French and Indian War. England won this conflict which led them to control all of Canada and the Colonies of America. Each of these colonies have unique features and advantages as they slowly, but surely matured into States. These worksheets will examine the advantages, disadvantages, culture, people, and systems of each of these colonies. Jamestown Settlement Questions Accompanies the reading passage above. Puritans - Reading Worksheet In the 16th and 17th century many people were seeking "purity" from religious control in England.

Map the Original 13 Colonies Put the name of the colony in the right place on the map. Black and White Map The same map as above, but no colors.

Between andthe West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1, slave ships and freedAfricans who were aboard. The population of the Sokoto caliphate formed by Hausas in How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies Nigeria How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies Cameroon was half-slave in the Paradoxes In The Crucible century. Many people fled the country during the short revolution. Retrieved 6 April During the How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies long Chinese domination of VietnamVietnam was a great source of slave girls How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies were used as How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies slaves in China.

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