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Hard Up Hester

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Hester at the graveyard with Chad. Hester is also later seen talking with Chad at a graveyard. She appears behind him suddenly and they begin to talk about how they are both obsessed with death and soon Hester starts to seduce him through the topic. Chad asks for them to do it on a grave but, Hester says it is not scary enough and says to him that he might be lucky if he gets a text saying a "better" location they should meet at. Later, when The Chanels are handing out invitations for Chanel's haunted pumpkin patch party for her campaign, Hester says that she joined Kappa in the first place for whatever reason Chanel did.

The four of them later start eating cotton balls for lunch so they will not gain weight, but Chanel gets sick of it and decides to go for a pizza instead. They are interrupted by a student named Tommy who gets into a fight with The Chanels after making sexist comments along with his friend Rick. Full of anger, Hester kicks Tommy between the legs and punches him on the face. Having both guys on the floor, the girls start kicking them and throwing trash at them, which is later acclaimed by the other students. Bean 's body, which they think at first is a wax replica. Until Hester puts her finger into Ms. Bean's leg and they soon realize that it is her actual body. They start screaming, and end up running into the bodies of Shondell , Coney , Chanel 2 , and Mandy.

When they reach the university cafeteria, Chad alerts everyone about the bodies in the haunted house, but that only encourages them to go. At the end of the episode, she is present when Detective Chisolm says the names of the bodies found at the house, and later comforts Chanel when she is fake crying for Ms. Bean's death. Hester is first seen with the Chanels as they are organizing Chanel 's pumpkin patch fundraiser as Chanel is seen demanding for the maze from "The Shining. Chanel later tells 5 that she is welcomed to leave, in which Hester yells at her where the door is. Hester later apologizes to Chanel about her yelling. Hester is seen in the living room with the other students as dean Munsch announces that the campus will be closing and that there will be a curfew established on Halloween night.

This upsets the students as Chad tries to cheer them up with his speech. Chad later blames Chanel for all of this happening and compliments Hester on her breasts. Hester in the kitchen with Chanel 5. Hester is later seen with the Chanels and Jennifer as they watch Chanel get arrested. Hester and the Chanels and Jennifer are later seen in the dining room eating lunch as Grace tells them that they have to find Zayday.

Hester believes that it would be best for Zayday to escape by herself as Grace and Pete walk out to find Grace's father, Wes. Hester is later with Jennifer as they tell everything to Chanel after she is bailed out, they later pin it on Chanel 5 which infuriates Chanel. Hester is lastly seen with the other girls in the Kappa living room as they prepare for the election between Chanel and Zayday. Chanel tries to rush the election before Grace and Zayday return.

As they begin to vote, Zayday halts the election as she announces her return and explains what happened during her time in the Red Devil's custody. Grace then returns as the ladies all prepare to vote. Hester is first seen voting for who should be Kappa president between Chanel and Zayday. After voting is completed, Jennifer tallies the votes and it comes up as a tie, meaning Chanel and Zayday will rule as co-presidents. Chanel is upset by this and storms upstairs to her closet. Hester is later seen in the living room as Zayday announces that Kappa will be having a slumber party. Chanel is not a fan of the idea and they begin to argue until Chanel 3 interrupts them by saying it is a good idea and that they should play "Spin the Bottle" and some Kappa sisters give in.

Hester after kissing Jennifer while playing "Spin the Bottle. Hester is seen behind Chanel as she speaks to Chad on her satellite phone as the power lines have been cut off. Chad tells her that he was coming over anyways for a panty raid. Hester in the kitchen with Chad. After Caulfield 's death, everyone decides to play truth or dare. The game ends after Sam exposes 3's secret as she is Charles Manson's daughter, 3 later tells Sam to sleep in the bathtub downstairs in the Kappa basement. Chad proposes a break and heads into the kitchen. While in the kitchen, Chad is seen looking for food until Hester appears.

Hester tells Chad that they are on the verge of being the next it couple, and tells him that she will not take second place and will not stop until she gets what wants. Chanel later appears and Hester leaves with wine coolers for the Kappa sisters. As they begin to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven," everyone hears a scream from the basement as it turns out to be Hester after discovering Sam's body. Everyone begins to accuse Hester of being the killer because she found the body and Hester decides that someone should watch after her if another murder occurs and nominates Chad. After the group hears another scream coming from the closet, they discover a frightened Chanel 5 and a dead Roger , Hester says it could not have been her since she was with the group at the time of his death.

Chad confirms that there are two Red Devils and later finds a trap door in the closet and they assume that is how the Red Devil got in and out of the house. Chanel and Zayday decide to explore it. The next night, the Kappa sisters are seen in the living room as Chanel gifts them custom-made pink nunchaku. Zayday later commences a dance party and Hester describes it as "wonderfully random. Hester was first seen inside the Kappa house for Chanel 2 's funeral.

She is later seen with The Chanels are they walk to Chanel's closet to check on her. Chanel sarcastically asks her if she really found it "so shocking", and exposes Hester for trying to sleep with Chad and framing her for murder, Chanel later blames Hester for her arrest. Hester apologizes to Chanel and promises to not betray her trust again, Chanel assures her that she will not betray her trust again because she no longer has it. Chanel asks her how and 5 shows the ouija board she found inside the basement. Chanel tells her that they do not work, and Hester tells her that they and asks her if she saw the movie, "Ouija.

Chanel 3 announces that they are having a Chanel night, where they heal all wounds between the group, both alive or dead. Chanel 3 says that she will order duck sauce for their cotton balls and they will contact 2 to prove that she is sorry and asks Chanel if she is in. The Chanels are later seen in a dim room surrounded by the board. Chanel admits that the board looks evil as 5 tries to comfort her by showing her all the details on the board. Chanel 3 then explains how the board is supposed to work, they all place their hands on the planchette and attempt to contact Chanel 2.

As they move the planchette, hoping for a response, the planchette quickly moves to the "hello" sign. Hester is shocked that the board is actually working, 5 says that they have to ask her a question only 2 would know. Chanel then asks the board if 5's vagina has teeth as it moves to "yes. The planchette later says "It is true. Hester and The Chanels are seen back in the room to contact Chanel 2. Once they get a connection, Chanel expresses her anger towards 2 after she lied about Chad cheating on her with a goat and explains his disability that he can only drink lactose-free goat milk.

Chanel 5 interrupts her by saying that 2 never said he was cheating on Chanel with a goat, Chanel quickly shuts her up. Hester tells 2 to prove she is present by asking her how many tampons she has in her purse, the planchette lands on "9" and Hester admits that she is correct. Chanel questions how large Hester's cooch is after she reveals her nine tampons. Chanel 3 then asks 2 what breakfast cereal she almost choked on as a child, the planchette lands on "Ix," Chanel assumes it is "Dix" but 3 assures her it was "Kix. Chanel then asks the board who the killer was as the planchette spelled "You.

The Chanels are frozen in fear as they look at each other and run to the bathroom. Hester believes that 2 is telling the truth from beyond the grave, 3 then asks if they should really believe a satanic talking board. Hester implies they should due to it knowing how many tampons she had in her purse. Hester then comes up with the plan that they have to kill Chanel before she kills them. Hester is seen in the kitchen with 3 and 5 as they plot to kill Chanel.

Chanel then appears and asks what their great idea is. Hester explains to her that they were planning to throw a sugar party as Chanel expresses her liking to them. Chanel asks for Prunex, which are her liquid laxatives. After Chanel grabs her Prunex, she goes back upstairs to head to bed. Once Chanel walks out, Hester announces that after Chanel falls asleep, they are going to murder Chanel. Hester was later seen in the living room with the Chanels. Chanel exposes their plan for trying to kill her. The Chanels are shocked by this accusation as Hester says she would sooner kill her own mother.

Chanel blames them for being slow about her death and gives them presents. Once they open them, they discover detective hats and magnifying glasses. Chanel tells the girls that Feather is not the actual Red Devil killer and that he is still on the run. Chanel then explains to the girls that they need her and how they need to catch the actual killers are Grace and Zayday. Hester is lastly seen with The Chanels as they look above Grace and Zayday as they walk inside the Kappa house. Hester is seen when the Chanels and Denise find Jennifer covered in candle wax. Hester tells Chanel that she is pregnant with Chad's baby. This enrages Chanel and she confronts Chad about it and threatens to kill him. Hester later reveals that she was not actually pregnant and she was pretending to be in order to get Chanel out of her way.

She gets into an argument with Chanel and says that she will still have Chad get her pregnant. Chanel becomes furious with her and ultimately pushes her down the stairs, presumably breaking her neck. Chanel then says to her minions "let's put her in the meat locker. Hester is mentioned by Chanel 1 when Chad asks about her, and she says that she killed her. Chad asks Chanel if she could see Hester in the meat locker, and Chanel says yes, but not because you want to have sex with the body. Chanel later opens the meat locker and finds that her body is missing, and Chad gets mad about the dead bodies always disappearing. Late in the episode, at the Thanksgiving part at the Hamptons with the Radwells, the servant arrives at the table and announces that a surprise guest has come and it is Hester.

Chanel is distressed to see her there and whispers angrily to Hester about her sudden appearance, and why she is alive. Hester states that the neck brace saved her from dying. Hester later reveals that she has "Chad's baby" inside her, and Chad's mother argues with her, saying it is a poo belly, and everybody laughs. After that, they play a game of Pictionary, which Chad previously stated that it would be weird, due to both Chanel and Hester in it. In the end, we see that Hester and The Chanels are friends again. While shopping at the mall, the Red Devil appears. Hester, 3, and 5 all run away, but Chanel stays behind and is shot in the shoulder with a crossbow. Hester tries to help freeze Dean Munsch later after Grace and Chanel already have tried to poison her but it does not work.

Hester says that Cathy may be like Rasputin: immune to anything except being drowned. Chanel gives Hester, Zayday, 3, and 5 new phones that will glow red when Chanel calls, signaling them to come to the pool where they will drown Cathy. However, Hester, Libby, and 3 are busy yelling at a lingerie saleswoman and they don not see their phones glowing, causing them not to go to the pool, angering Chanel. As 1, 3, 5, Grace and Zayday are interrogating the pizza man in the Red Devil costume, Hester runs into the entry hall, saying she saw something terrible.

Chanel does not really seem to care, however, and ignores Hester. Hester presses her, though, saying she saw a woman covered in scars and mumbling "something dork". Chanel tells Hester that it does not matter because they have found the Red Devil the pizza man , but he reveals that there is dynamite strapped to his chest. The girls take cover, and he explodes soon after. Grace and Zayday find one of the Chanels with no true records: an address on Sesame Street, graduation records from Sweet Valley High, and more. This is later revealed to be Hester. Once Grace and Zayday return home with Chanel and 3, they all hear a loud scream. They all go into the closet to find Hester unconscious on the ground with a stiletto heel in her eyeball. Hester suddenly awakens, gasping for air and points to 5 in fear, shakily saying, "Red Devil!

While Grace and Zayday are talking to the new pledges, Hester has a voiceover where she talks about her eyepatch and how she stabbed herself in the eye to frame Libby while not seriously injuring herself. Hester also says that she studied the anatomy of her eye to miss any vital organs. Hester reveals that she was the bathtub baby girl, and faked having scoliosis, having stolen the neck brace from another patient in the asylum. Gigi raised her and Boone to become serial killers, and they got the idea to use the Red Devil costume when they saw the original Red Devil mascot. So, they murdered the original mascot and stole his costume. She was with Boone when he poured hydrochloric acid in Melanie's tanning spray. She stabs herself in the eye with a shoe and has Libby framed for it.

She also manages to frame Sadie for killing Tiffany, as she left the restaurant she was with Libby at for no apparent reason, though a flashback reveals that Sadie had to take a dump because Hester had slipped laxatives into her cocktail. Chanel is also framed, and the three are sent to a mental institution. Hester only appeared in the beginning of the episode in footage from a VHS tape Denise Hemphill used as evidence to testify for the release of the Chanels. In the video, Denise is shown interviewing Hester in a locked room. Hester admits that she orchestrated the entire Red Devil conspiracy, but tells Denise that she can't convict her, because it's double jeopardy, and you can't be tried for the same crime twice.

Denise argues with her that she hasn't even been tried before, since the Chanels were tried the first time. Hester still insists that it's double jeopardy, because someone was still convicted. After Denise demands that it's single jeopardy, Hester begins to lash out and starts beating the door down to get out. She ends up getting arrested for the Red Devil murders at Wallace University , while the Chanels are released and all charges against them are dropped. This episode marks Hester's first appearance in the present time and shows her being locked up in maximum security.

Denise Hemphill suggests to Cathy that Hester might know more about the intentions of the Green Meanie killer, hence she was a serial killer herself. Cathy, Denise, Chanel and Chanel 3 then go to visit Hester in prison. Her cell is covered with various pieces of artwork, and after 3 compliments the drawings, Hester states that they are all from memory, as she does not have a view of the outside world. When Chanel is about to ask if she knows anything about the recent killings at the C. E Institute , Hester already knows what they came for. She tells them that she knows who the killer is and that they have a connection to the Halloween Massacre that happened thirty years ago.

Hester insists that she will tell them everything she knows if she can transfer to the C. E hospital, have a room with a view, and receive high-end beauty products which haven't been produced in the last ten years. Hester tells them that she will not give them anything until she get's moved to the hospital to a room with a view. As a response, Munsch offers her the movie "A Room with a View". Hester, annoyed, tells the group to not toy with her for the body count was about to go through the roof. Unfortunately for Hester, Munsch denies her access to the hospital and leaves due to Chanel receiving a text from Chad saying he knew who the killer was. E Institute Hospital where they put her in a jail suit and question her.

Denise demands to know who the killer is before another victim falls dead. Hester laughs evilly and tells them that it's too late. After Chad Radwell was killed, Cathy Munsch and Denise Hemphill try to come up with a way to find out the killer's identity, so they ask Hester, who suggests throwing a Halloween party inside the hospital, as they suspect the killer to be a member of the hospital staff.

She then requests to attend the party, which Cathy and Denise deny; however, after Denise is attacked by the Green Meanie, she ultimately lets Hester go to the party, but she is not allowed to leave the hospital and has to wear an ankle bracelet that tracks her whereabouts. Moreover, she's supposed to dress up as Jason Voorhees, but she ends up copying Chanel 5 's idea and goes as Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's daughter. Shortly after she is released, she tries to attack Chanel Oberlin while disguised, and Chanel ends up suspecting 5 to be the one who tried to kill her and conclusively be the Green Meanie. Later that night, Hester actually attends the party, still disguised as Ivanka Trump.

She doesn't do anything until a certain point after the party when 5 is carrying around stuff. Hester pulls out a knife and slowly moves closer to 5, but lets it down when she sees her ally, the Green Meanie, who shoves a machete into her back. Hester leaves after that. After the events of the previous episode, Hester begins roaming freely around the hospital. She rests on a hospital bed, covered in blankets, moaning and whispering creepy things. This draws Chanel 's attention, and when she comes into the room, Hester says the voices in her head are telling her to kill Chanel. Suddenly, she jumps up from the blankets, revealing herself and scaring Chanel.

Hester then confesses that she misses being a Chanel and proposes that she rejoin the group, to which Chanel accepts and allows Hester to reclaim her old title of Chanel 6. Chanel then brings Hester home to the girls' apartment and explains to the others that Hester can help them catch the Green Meanie and avoid being killed. They decide which of the newest Chanels to use as Green Meanie bait, and although Hester suggests Tristan , they end up settling on Chanel 8. The next night, the Chanels decide to hold a sleepover at the hospital to celebrate the addition of the newest Chanels. They are shown giving each other makeovers, having pillow fights, and dancing the night away.

They set up a Green Meanie trap in the morgue for Chanel 8, but after Tristan intervenes, he ends up getting killed, and Hester smiles menacingly at the sight of his body. In the morning, Cathy scolds Chanel, 3 , and 5 for having a sleepover at the hospital to lure in the Green Meanie. She also expresses her fury that Hester has gone missing, suspecting that the Chanels had something to do with it. Cathy even threatens the girls, stating that she will report them as accessories to murder if she finds out that they're harboring Hester as a fugitive. Hester is first seen looming over Chanel with a butcher knife in the middle of the night. Chanel wakes up and starts screaming, immediately asking why Hester is standing over her bed with a knife while watching her sleep.

Hester admits that she's bored just sitting around the apartment all day, and when she gets bored, she daydreams about ways to murder people. She explains that if she isn't given something useful to do, at least one person in the apartment will end up dying. The following day, Chanel confronts Cathy , confessing that she was the one who allowed Hester to move into the apartment to help them figure out who the killer is.

She suggests that they give Hester a job at the hospital to keep her occupied and prevent her from murdering anyone important, to which Cathy obliges. Cathy is then shown walking with Hester in the hallway, explaining that she is only allowed out of her cage for as long as she remains useful. Cathy adds that at the rate Hester is revealing information about the killer, the entire staff will be dead before they are caught, to which Hester responds that if she is given something cool to do, she might spill who it is by Thanksgiving.

Cathy then tells Hester that she has too many patients and not enough people to figure out what's wrong with them, so she assigns Hester with a patient of her own, Brandon Szathmary. Before leading her into his room, Cathy explains that if Hester can prove herself to be able to diagnose and cure obscure diseases, Cathy will allow her to roam free another week. Cathy then escorts Hester into Brandon's room and introduces Hester as one of her medical students under the alias of "Donna Summer. He then asks Cathy if she is anemic, as she seems to be looking pale, and Hester agrees. She suggests running some tests on Cathy to see what's wrong, but Cathy nervously dismisses their concerns, claiming she didn't get much sleep last night.

She then exits the room, leaving Hester alone with Brandon, but not before quietly reminding Hester not to murder anyone. Hester is then seen doing some reading, when Brandon decides to sneak up on her, causing her to punch him in the gut and knock him to the ground. She then helps him up and exclaims that she has great news regarding his medical condition. She diagnoses him with Cutaneous Porphyria, an incurable disease which causes extreme photo-sensitivity and receding gums, explaining why Brandon has fangs and develops blisters in sunlight.

However, she reveals that Brandon's blood drinking obsession is all in his head, and is not a direct symptom of his disease. She proposes that the best way to cure his thirst for blood is to use aversion therapy techniques, making him drink an extreme amount of blood until he is disgusted by even the thought of it. Hester then cracks open a case of blood and pours a bag into a mug for Brandon to drink.

After looking at the contents of the case, Brandon clarifies that they will definitely be needing more blood if Hester wants any hope of curing him. Later on, Chanel discovers that all of her blood bags have been stolen, and after following a trail of blood droplets, she is lead to Brandon's room, where Hester is forcefully feeding him blood-filled foods. Chanel screams at Hester for being a blood thief, causing Cathy to hear the scream and come running into the room. Chanel explains to Cathy that Hester is manipulating the outcome of the blood drive, to which Hester explains that she is merely trying to treat Brandon of his blood addiction by feeding him so much of it that it makes him sick. Cathy tells Chanel that what's done is done, and she'll just have to collect even more blood, so she storms out of the room, warning Hester that payback is coming.

Cathy then tells Hester that she has to find another way to cure Brandon within 24 hours, or else she gets put back into her cage in the basement. That night, we see Hester coming down the hallway, frantically trying to figure out ways to get Brandon more blood. She stumbles upon the blood storage room, where she runs into Chamberlain , about to dispose of Chanel's STD-filled blood samples in the swamp.

However, Hester has other plans, and she snatches up the blood from Chamberlain before he can throw it out. Meanwhile, Chanel, Cathy, and Brock discover the dead body of Chanel 9. Cathy immediately insists that it was Hester, as she is a serial killer and desperately needed blood for Brandon, so the three of them go to confront her. They find her in Brandon's room, where she is still force-feeding him blood, even though he insists that he is cured.

Cathy questions where she obtained the blood from, and Hester insists that she didn't kill anyone, confessing that she's actually using Chanel's blood. She explains that the blood is completely STD free, as she made sure to screen it before giving it to Brandon, exposing that Cathy had forged Chanel's test results. In the end, Brandon ends up being successfully cured, allowing Hester to roam free another week. Chanel tells her minions , Chanel 3 , Chanel 5 , and Hester, all about her troubles with her boyfriend Dr. Brock Holt. She expresses her concern for her safety, and complains that all Brock wants to do is try to kill her with his evil, serial-killing hand. However, Hester assures her that she has nothing to be worried about, as she knows who the killer is, and Dr.

Brock is "not the Green Meanie type. Cassidy Cascade and his killer identity. Chanel 3 storms out of the room after refusing to answer. It is then revealed that Ingrid was listening to the entire conversation just outside. Hester is crazy, two-faced and obsessed with death. She is incredibly different from the other girls in Kappa Kappa Tau.

She has a serious obsession with death, dead bodies and strangely, gets sexually attracted to them. The soups have definitely been a success. I will have a think, because I'm not holding out much hope of resurrecting this particular maker. It is definitely a lot easier than a pan and a blender, but the maker does cost a lot, especially if I have to pay full price for one. Bear is also keen on keeping the soup maker, but was distracted today as he went into town without me but with one of his pals.

This friend is a little older, so I wasn't so stressed, and they were fine - of course. I think it's a little while before I'm comfortable with bear going by himself, but he's getting older and it doesn't help him if he doesn't get chances to be independent. I shall go away and rethink what I shall be cooking tomorrow. I may have another go at the meatloaf, as that went well. Writing stuff - my response to this week's writing challenge is here. Hugs to all. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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