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Despite being full, you still want to eat Latino English Language Learning Analysis. Two Amusing The Million Analysis in the Tapan Zee Bridge Case Study field and myself weekly have talked Amusing The Million Analysis people Amusing The Million Analysis slept well until reading this book. Amusing The Million Analysis Deprivation Therapy for Depression. I dove Amusing The Million Analysis it and found out that Lauderdale uses actigraphy to measure objective sleep while Manconi uses polysomnography which is generally thought to be more accurate and thought to better distinguish Amusing The Million Analysis stages of sleep Amusing The Million Analysis being Amusing The Million Analysis or not, because more indices of sleep are measured Amusing The Million Analysis as EEG. Small Business More.

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In recent years, this technique has passed the experimental developmental phase and reached the status of affordable clinical intervention for everyday clinical therapy of depressed patients with an increasing literature regarding its safety and efficacy. When making this claim, he cites:. It now appears that many species reduce sleep for long periods of time under normal conditions and that others do not sleep at all, in the way sleep is conventionally defined. Several months into the disease course, the patient stops sleeping altogether. By this stage, they have started to lose many basic brain and body functions. No drugs that we currently have will help the patient sleep. After twelve to eighteen months of no sleep, the patient will die.

Though exceedingly rare, this disorder asserts that a lack of sleep can kill a human being. You cannot say that FFI a shows that a lack of sleep will kill a human being. Here is a rough description of the disease: a genetic mutation results in the production of a misfolded protein in the brain, primarily in the thalamus. This protein is toxic to the nerve cells and, over time, it damages the thalamus, resulting in a variety of symptoms, typically including dementia, hallucinations, and insomnia.

It is reckless to claim that people with FFI die because of lack of sleep, given the amount of damage across the brain that accumulates in the course of the disease. Accordingly, FFI is considered a neurodegenerative disease. Looking at page 41 of the Encyclopedia of Sleep we discussed in the Interlude :. A disorder called fatal familial insomnia FFI is often presented as proof that sleep loss causes death in humans as it does in rats deprived by the forced walking method. However, FFI is a prion disease that affects all body organs and brain cells.

There is little evidence that sleep induced by sedation can greatly extend life in FFI patients. And as one paper notes a : Schenkein J, Montagna P. Self-management of fatal familial insomnia. Part 2: case report. Medscape General Medicine. The seven sentences I quoted in the beginning of this section contain at least three more scientific errors. See discussion of them in Section The WHO never declared a sleep loss epidemic throughout industrialized nations. One might wonder why he cited a documentary film from National Geographic, rather than the WHO directly, but ok, maybe that film has a reference to the primary source.

I watched the entire minute long film twice official YouTube link Can only be viewed from the US, unfortunately. I googled:. Further, when I restricted the search results to before September 28, the date when the book was published , Search results page 1 a , page 2 a. Later in the book in Chapter 8 Walker provides the following graph that indicates that the average sleep time has decreased by more than 2 hours between s and s and that corroborates his claims of sleep loss epidemic, even if it was not declared by the WHO:.

Figure 3. Sleep loss and obesity. Country not specified for sleep data. I have not been able to find any data that would support the sleep duration numbers Walker provides in the book and it appears that they were simply made up. Sleeping at the limits: the changing prevalence of short and long sleep durations in 10 countries. American journal of epidemiology. Long sleep duration is more widespread than is short sleep duration. It has become more prevalent and thus should not be overlooked as a potential contributor to ill health. Sleep differences in the UK between and Insights from detailed time diaries. Journal of sleep research. It is often stated that sleep deprivation is on the rise, with work suggested as a main cause. However, the evidence for increasing sleep deprivation comes from surveys using habitual sleep questions.

The change in sleep duration is driven by night sleep and it is homogeneously distributed across the week. In fact, employed individuals have experienced a reduction in short sleeping of almost 4 percentage points, from Figure 4. Average sleep duration and time in bed in the UK between and across employment status. From Lamote et al Would this be a fair representation of your position and of the data or would this be misleading? This is literally what Walker does in his book. On page 3, in the very first paragraph of Chapter 1, Walker writes:. Two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of nightly sleep.

The World Health Organization and the National Sleep Foundation both stipulate an average of eight hours of sleep per night for adults. The quote is empty because the WHO does not stipulate how much an adult should sleep anywhere. Deprive a mouse of sleep for just a day, as researchers have done, and the activity of these genes will drop by well over percent. See this appendix. Second, imagine that a year-old who naturally needs to sleep for 7 hours a night, reads Why We Sleep , gets scared, and decides to spend the full 8 hours in bed every day.

Then, assuming that they live until 75, they will waste more than 20, hours or more than 2 years of their life, with uncertain long-term side-effects. For more such examples see Section We have literally no idea about the optimal for long-term health sleep duration. They have improved it immeasurably. All remaining errors are mine. I would like to thank Kyle Schiller and Adam Canady for the financial support of my writing and research. Guzey, A. I will fix it. Self-reported and measured sleep duration: how similar are they?. Epidemiology Cambridge, Mass. It reads:. Our model suggests that persons sleeping 5 hours over-reported their sleep duration by 1.

Two other studies I found report a correlation of 0. American Journal of Epidemiology. Similarities and differences in estimates of sleep duration by polysomnography, actigraphy, diary, and self-reported habitual sleep in a community sample. Sleep Health. Figure 5. Source a. This is the kind of noisy sleep data all these big epidemiological studies are based on. Later, Lauderdale et al write:. Now, looking at Figure 1 , we can see that people who reported sleeping just below 7 hours a night had the lowest mortality. If we interpret this in light of the last quote, people who have the lowest mortality actually sleep 6 hours a night. I dove into it and found out that Lauderdale uses actigraphy to measure objective sleep while Manconi uses polysomnography which is generally thought to be more accurate and thought to better distinguish between stages of sleep and being awake or not, because more indices of sleep are measured such as EEG.

However, in another article comparing PSG and actigraphy, it is mentioned that actigraphy has high sensitivity and accuracy when compared to PSG. So I was still puzzled, until I looked into the characteristics of the participants. A conclusion might be that younger subjects tend to overestimate their sleep, while middle-aged subjects are better in estimating sleep.

Continuing at the same pace, it would take me more than 3, hours to check the entire book. I hope that going through one full chapter, rather than cherry-picking stuff from across the book, demonstrated the density of errors in the book. Update a week after the publication : in the last week, I spent 20 to 30 more hours editing it. Why We Sleep is not just a popular science book. As I note in the introduction, Walker specifically writes that the book is intended to be scientifically accurate:. Consequently, Walker and other researchers are actively citing the book in academic papers, propagating the information contained in it into the academic literature. Interacting circadian and homeostatic processes with opportunity cost: A mathematical model of sleep with application to two mammalian species.

PloS One. Waking up to the problem of sleep: Can mindfulness help? A review of theory and evidence for the effects of mindfulness for sleep. Current Opinion in Psychology. Chronic sleep disturbance is a global pandemic with two-thirds of individuals failing to obtain the recommended 7—9 h of sleep each night [1]. A paper a Lyon L. The paper does not cite any sources here and does not cite Why We Sleep anywhere, although the wording strongly suggests that this is where the information originated. Note also how the papers further miscite Walker and transform his industrialized nations epidemic into a global epidemic. This is how academic urban legends a Rekdal OB.

Academic urban legends. Social Studies of Science. Since Why We Sleep was published, Walker published two academic papers that cited it. Many of the claims in both papers originate from Why We Sleep. The first one doi Walker MP. A sleep prescription for medicine. The Lancet. The second one doi Walker MP. A Societal Sleep Prescription. Furthermore, residents made to percent fewer diagnostic errors to begin with. Manuscripts are considered for publication with the understanding that no part of the work has been published previously in print or electronic format.

Figure 6. The Lancet paper is on the left. Neuron paper is on the right. Identical text is highlighted in red. Image created with the help of copyleaks. During my undergrad, I took 2 years of statistics, a year of econometrics and worked as a research assistant for an economics prof for about 3 years. Will he give the Chilean even more freedom, similarly to his now ex-player from Argentina? Probably a healthy balance between freedom and automated movements will be his choice. Putting them in more exercises, in training, that demand more improvised solutions in closed spaces in the final third may be the correct and balanced choice in order to reduce the unpredictability of the installed Conte movements.

We will finish this tactical piece with another video, showing different Lazio buildup situations. Or to the central midfielder making a diagonal run towards the wing and creating space for the wingback to cut inside. Differences are also present though, more freedom of movement, more runs behind the defense by the central midfielders and more improvised combinations in the final third and between the lines for Lazio, contrary to an Inter that was primarily searching Lukaku to act as a wall and pass it back to either Sensi or Eriksen.

Will he be able to handle the added media and fan pressure for results, being for the first time away from his football home? How will his relationship with the management of the club develop if the financial and structural context suddenly changes again? After a dazzling start to the season with comprehensive wins, Simone Inzaghi has faced his first tough week with his new club. The past few…. Inter appear to have an issue with finishing off the chances they create during games, according to a report in the Italian media today. Inter are expected to announce contract renewals for five different star players over the next few months if all goes to plan, according to a….

Bologna forward Marko Arnautovic will to San Siro to face his old club Inter on Saturday, where he has an interesting and amusing history, according…. September 1, Sempreinter TV. Close Subscribe to our newsletter. SempreInter works best if you switch to our app Continue in app. This is absurd. Yet it is exactly the kind of behavior we have come to expect from a regime that threatened to take 'merciless countermeasures' against the U. Ambassador to the U. Samantha Power. On December 8, , alongside the eighth large data dump of confidential information, the Guardians of Peace threatened Sony with language relating to the September 11 attacks that drew the attention of U.

According to a notice letter dated December 8, , from SPE to its employees, SPE learned on December 1, , that personally identifiable information about employees and their dependents may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals as a result of a "brazen cyber-attack", including names, addresses, Social Security numbers and financial information. Although personal data may have been stolen, early news reports focused mainly on celebrity gossip and embarrassing details about Hollywood and film industry business affairs gleaned by the media from electronic files, including private email messages.

Other emails released in the hack showed Pascal and Scott Rudin , a film and theatrical producer, discussing Angelina Jolie. In the emails, Rudin referred to Jolie as "a minimally talented spoiled brat" because Jolie wanted David Fincher to direct her film Cleopatra , which Rudin felt would interfere with Fincher directing a planned film about Steve Jobs. The leak revealed multiple details of behind-the-scenes politics on Columbia Pictures ' current Spider-Man film series , including emails between Pascal and others to various heads of Marvel Studios.

In addition to the emails, a copy of the screenplay for the James Bond film Spectre , released in , was obtained. According to The Daily Dot , based on the email leaks, while he was at Sony, executive Charles Sipkins was responsible for following senior executives' orders to edit Wikipedia articles about them. In December , former Sony Pictures Entertainment employees filed four lawsuits against the company for not protecting their data that was released in the hack, which included Social Security numbers and medical information.

ISPs either at the internet transit level or consumer level internet service provider , to implement IP address blocking pirate websites as well as linking websites. In November , after Charlie Sheen revealed he was HIV positive in a television interview to Matt Lauer , it was revealed that information about his diagnosis was leaked in an email between senior Sony bosses dated March 10, On December 16, for the first time since the hack, the "Guardians of Peace" mentioned the then-upcoming film The Interview by name, and threatened to take terrorist actions against the film's New York City premiere at Sunshine Cinema on December 18, as well as on its American wide release date, set for December We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places The Interview be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to.

Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made. The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. If your house is nearby, you'd better leave. Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment. All the world will denounce the SONY. Seth Rogen and James Franco , the stars of The Interview , responded by saying they did not know if it was definitely caused by the film, [47] but later canceled all media appearances tied to the film outside of the planned New York City premiere on December 16, On December 18, two messages both allegedly from the Guardians of Peace were released.

One, sent in a private message to Sony executives, stated that they would not release any further information if Sony never releases the film and removed its presence from the internet. The other, posted to Pastebin , a web application used for text storage that the Guardians of Peace have used for previous messages, stated that the studio had "suffered enough" and could release The Interview , but only if Kim Jong-un's death scene was not "too happy".

The post also stated that the company cannot "test [them] again", and that "if [Sony Pictures] makes anything else, [they] will be here ready to fight". President Barack Obama, in an end-of-year press speech on December 19, commented on the Sony hacking and stated that he felt Sony made a mistake in pulling the film, and that producers should "not get into a pattern where you are intimidated by these acts". Lynton said the decision to cancel the wide release was in response to a majority of theaters pulling their showings and not to the hackers' threats. Lynton stated that they would seek other options to distribute the film in the future, and noted "We have not given in. And we have not backed down. We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie.

On December 23, Sony opted to authorize approximately mostly-independent theaters to show The Interview on Christmas Day, as the four major theater chains had yet to change their earlier decision not to show the film. On December 27, the North Korean National Defence Commission released a statement accusing Obama of being "the chief culprit who forced the Sony Pictures Entertainment to indiscriminately distribute the movie. The FBI later clarified more details of the attacks, attributing them to North Korea by noting that the hackers were "sloppy" with the use of proxy IP addresses that originated from within North Korea.

At one point the hackers logged into the Guardians of Peace Facebook account and Sony's servers without effective concealment. On the day following the FBI's accusation of North Korea's involvement, the FBI received an email purportedly from the hacking group, linking to a YouTube video entitled "you are an idiot! On December 19, , U. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson released a statement saying, "The cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment was not just an attack against a company and its employees.

It was also an attack on our freedom of expression and way of life. Secretary of State John Kerry published his remarks condemning North Korea for the cyber-attack and threats against movie theatres and moviegoers. On January 2, , the U. Michael Hiltzik , a journalist for the Los Angeles Times , said that all evidence against North Korea was "circumstantial" and that some cybersecurity experts were "skeptical" about attributing the attack to the North Koreans. Monsegur doubted the accusations due to North Korea's insufficient internet infrastructure to handle the transfer of that much data.

He believed that it could have been either Chinese, Russian, or North Korean-sponsored hackers working outside of the country, but most likely to be the deed of a Sony employee. Stammberger provided to the FBI Norse's findings that suggest the hack was an inside job , stating, "Sony was not just hacked; this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside. We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history.

Norse employees identified these people from a list of workers that were eliminated from Sony during a restructuring in May , and noted that some had made very public and angry responses to their firing, and would be in appropriate positions to identify the means to access secure parts of Sony's servers. Seth Rogen also expressed doubts about the claims that North Korea was behind the hack. Based on the timeline of events and the amount of information hacked, he believes the hack may have been conducted by a Sony employee. I don't know if I subscribe to those theories, but I kind of don't think it was North Korea.

In response to allegations that the intrusion was the result of an inside job, or something other than a state-sponsored cyber attack, computer forensic specialist Kevin Mandia, president of the security firm FireEye , commented that there isn't a "shred of evidence" that an insider was responsible for the attack and that the evidence uncovered by his security firm supports the position of the United States government. In February , analytics firm Novetta issued a joint investigative report into the attack. The analysis said that the same group is engaged in military espionage campaigns. Because of the depth and scope of malware tools, structure of the analyzed code bases, TTP overlap with similar attacks, and long trail of activities attributed to the Lazarus Group , Novetta does not believe that the SPE attack was carried out by insiders or hacktivists, but rather by a more structured, resourced, and motivated organization.

Although our analysis cannot support direct attribution of a nation-state or other specific group due to the difficulty of proper attribution in the cyber realm, the FBI's official attribution claims could be supported by our findings. The U.

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