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Sacrifice In The Odyssey

Sacrifice In The Odyssey to the staircase that leads to the Mark and, Sacrifice In The Odyssey looking at Sacrifice In The Odyssey, go right towards the next segment of the Sacrifice In The Odyssey. Agon Panathenaic Games Rhieia. Yet even so Sacrifice In The Odyssey saved not his comrades, though he desired it sore, for Sacrifice In The Odyssey their own blind folly they perished—fools, Sacrifice In The Odyssey devoured the kine of Helios Hyperion; but he Sacrifice In The Odyssey from them the day Sacrifice In The Odyssey their returning. THIS is the labyrinth, hence the name Sacrifice In The Odyssey the chapter. The two scenes described by the narrator are Odysseus on Sacrifice In The Odyssey island and Sacrifice In The Odyssey encounter with the Phaeacians. These Sacrifice In The Odyssey care for Sacrifice In The Odyssey like these, the Sacrifice In The Odyssey and song, full easily, seeing that without atonement they devour the livelihood of To Kill A Mockingbird Foreshadowing Analysis, of Sacrifice In The Odyssey man whose white bones, The Real Villain In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein may be, rot in Sacrifice In The Odyssey rain as Sacrifice In The Odyssey lie upon the mainland, or the wave Why Did Hamlet Decide To Kill Claudius them in the sea. Approach the door with the red mark, watch Sacrifice In The Odyssey little scene and go through. Inside, Examples Of John Proctor In The Crucible around following the path with no Sacrifice In The Odyssey, go up the stairs and exit the house via the wooden plank, just like you did before.

A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

When you reach the area you'll come across a new enemy. This new enemy is pretty similar to the previous ones, the Guards , but this one holds a one-handed axe and can attack you while you're attacking him. Not much different from your regular enemies, only that it has a bit more health. After taking him down, you'll have to fight another Axe Guard and a regular Guard at the same time. You know how to deal with multiple enemies by now: keep both in front of you and listen carefully to the voices. After these two guys are down, another three Guards appear. This is a bit tougher but always keep your thumb on the X so you can evade! After, these three we have what looks like an Axe Guard holding a shield, but he's holding a Mace and a Shield, called Shield Guard my name by the way :.

These are a bit trickier and you'll probably have to use something you haven't used before, the O button, or the Melee Attack. If you start attacking him with your sword he'll obviously block your attacks with the shield, so before he can do that, and before you even try to attack him, make sure to Melee Attack him to drop his guard, giving you a fighting chance. Don't try to combo him for too long either because, just like the Axe Guard, he'll attack you even if you're still attacking.

He also attacks more than once at a time dealing tons of damage so make sure to step away from him as fast as you can. Once defeated, it's time to finally follow the door on the right, into Surtr's domain. When you cross the gate, start following the path and soon enough you'll see a path that's forking from the main road going right. Follow this path and cross the stream of water here to find your Lorestone in the cave. Return near the entrance to this open area and this time follow the main path. When you get to the little bridge, before crossing it look to your left where the waterfall is to see the face of Senua's mother once again. Approach it and Focus on it to trigger a little event Now cross the bridge and the area will open up but it also starts getting darker and dustier.

To the right of the entrance is a little pile of burnt corpses, but that's about it. To the left is a gate sealed and with what looks like the letters "N-Y". As you approach it, you guessed it, some Guards come out to play with you but make sure to dodge as soon as you hear the noise they make because one of them attacks you as soon as he appears. First we have a pair of regular Guards, then we have an Axe Guard and a regular Guard together, and last but not least we have another Axe Guard and two Guards.

This last one is a bit trickier because Senua faces the Axe Guard and one of the Guards, but the second Guard will be behind you so be extremely careful and try taking this lone Guard out first. Approach the gate now and Focus on it. We now need to find what resembles these two letters. Now, putting the locked gate behind you, you'll have some rocks in front of you and the path circles around them. Behind these rocks is a corpse hanging from a "Y" shaped pole, much like a Crucifix. In front of it is another, a bit thinner pole. Stand in front of them to create the "Y" shapped rune Now return to the sealed gate and put it behind you.

Go up the little hill to your left and on top you can find a tree trunk and a pole make the "N" shape Return to the gate and open it to proceed. Run down this passage while you admire all the hanging corpses and empty cages from the top. Continue walking down the path and you'll notice something big burning in the distance. We're headed that way, so run down the path and as you get to a little circular area with a circular gate, and some fighting will start.

We have to face off a Shield Guard and a Guard first. Remember that you need to melee them first in order to open them up to attack. Once all three of these enemies are dead-er, another Shield Guard comes out with an Axe Guard. Focus on the Axe Guard as you want to reduce numbers this time. Remember that correct parrying and countering only has an effect on Axe Guards and regular Guards.

Shield Guards will block using their shield duh! Now examine the Mark of Surt. We cannot do anything else here at the moment, so turn around and go through the little wooden opening going up the slope takes us to the beginning. You'll see a pile of corpses and a little stone monument in the middle of it with the Mark of Surt. Focus on the Mark and everything will engulf itself in fire! It's like a forest fire right now! Unlike the illusions in Valravn's path, the fires here are oh so very real. So real in fact that if you stand in them you'll burn to death, making the dark rot climb higher up your arm!

Be very careful! Start running towards the circular area from before and you'll start seeing burnt corpses still standing up every now and then. Touching them will make them shatter in a million pieces. Do so if you want and approach the Mark. Remember that you also have to be as quick as possible, otherwise it's death! Go through the burnt gate and everything will return to normal. Go up the slope and you'll find a bridge. Before crossing it, go left and left again at the fork to find your Lorestone.

Now continue down the path under the bridge to find another circular gate. You know what this means. Continue down the path, everything starts turning really dark and suddenly it disappears. We'll arrive at an open area with lots of trees. Continue following the edge left and you'll see an opening to a little cave. Go through it, cross the wooden plank and you'll find your sacrifice burnt corpses with the stone monument in the center. Before you start it though, look to the right of it around the rocks and you'll see a little area where you can jump off from. Now start the fire illusion, jump down and start heading to the circular path. The path you took to get here is directly in front of you, but you may need to go around a couple trees, but nothing major.

Also, when you're getting closer to the gate, a wooden log hits you in the head it is part of the game , but continue towards the gate as fast as you can! Once you're through, continue walking down this ashen-colored path and you'll come to a little area where there's another circular gate to your left and some burnt-down houses to the right. When you reach the housing area, check inside the right most house to find the Lorestone.

Very simple this one! Now go to the back of the area to find another sealed gate. We need to find two more Runes in order for us to be able to open up the gate. One of these is very easy. At the bottom of the stairs that lead to this sealed gate, take a couple steps to the right and turn around. You'll see a couple fallen logs that resemble the center of the first Rune. Focus to unlock the first Rune Now go inside the house directly in front of this last Rune, go up the stairs and move across the wooden planks to the next house. Go out to the end area and look to the right, to the ground in the open area, to find your Rune made by shadows it's outlined by red embers Now approach the gate, open it up and continue to find the sacrifice here.

The way out once the fire starts is a much more complicated than the ones before. As you run down the stairs, make an immediate left towards the houses and go inside the first one. Inside, go around following the path with no flames, go up the stairs and exit the house via the wooden plank, just like you did before. Once you reach the other side jump down and go right towards the circular gate. Unlike previous visions, we now have to fight some Guards. These are regular Guards and like to come in pairs. Be careful of the edges as the fire will still kill you if you stay on it for more than a couple seconds.

The Guards are also weak to it and die if you push them towards the edge. After the fight, quickly make your way to the gate to end the visions. You're inside a house after climbing the ladder. Go left across the bridge if you look left while crossing the bridge you can find another gate sealed by Runes , and in the other house go left to find your Lorestone outside. That was the last Lorestone of this Chapter, at least until after we defeat Surt. Return inside and go forward to exit the house. Check your right side to unbar a door that was previously blocked.

On the other side you have a circular gate to your left and the sealed gate Rune sealed to your right. We still can't do anything about the circular gate so head on over to the sealed gate to see the Runes. Return and now go left back to the little area where you unbarred the door. Check the side of the house to find the first Rune Now go inside the house and cross the bridge we previously crossed to reach the first house. You'll see that in between the bridge and the ladder we used to get up to this area are a two wooden poles, one with a wooden beam going down and another one with a beam going up!

Move to the left of the bridge to align them Now exit the house through the door near the circular gates and you'll see there's a path to the right that leads to a watchtower. Go up the long ladder and go to the end of the platform. From here, look towards the sealed gate Runes and step back to the edge. Do you see now that the entrance to the house on the right has some really long wooden planks on top of it? Align with the wooden stick here on the bridge to find your last Rune Go back down and proceed to open the sealed gate. Behind it is the sacrifice. Time to run through the area in flames, and like you're told, after crossing the circular gate the fire is still going.

Continue and you'll be set on fire. Keep running through until a scene triggers and it'll be time for boss fight! After the fight with Valravn, Surt is really a pushover. You can think of him as a bigger and with much more health Guard. That's right. Not too much of a difference, and unlike Valravn, there are no "phases" or minions to help him in this fight. It all takes place without pause, so let us start by listing down the attacks Surt has:.

Overall, this fight is pretty simple. Stay away from the sword combo and evade every other attack by dodging to the side. Keep up the attacks and the pressure. To overcome this, use your FOCUS and it will show you the flames are all an illusion, letting us attack Surt normally once more. You may have to do this once or twice during the fight, but keep up the pressure and Surt will soon fall. After the fight and scenes with Surt, it'll be time to head back to the area where the Mark of Valravn and Mark of Surt are Once you regain control, we'll finally be on the bridge to Hel. Start running down the long bridge and you'll have Guards trying to stop you.

They come in waves of two at the maximum, so there's no need to worry about them. Once you reach the door, open up the gate to trigger a little scene and a fight with an Executioner. These guys are tough and it's really hard to read their movements since many of them look similar. Here's a little list of what they can do:. Once you see him use his attacks, you'll notice that he's really not that much different from the other enemies. Just take your time and don't even try to parry his attacks. Keep on evading with X until you bring him down. As you do so, some Guards and an Axe Guard come out of the shadows and attack you. After dealing with them, a couple more Guards and a Shield Guard come to play.

Take them out and open the gate to find a gate sealed with Runes. Move forward onto the wrecked boat and move to the tip. Look right to see the area where you just fought the Executioner and something's amiss. Focus and a staircase with be revealed note that you need to align the broken "stairs" to resemble stairs and then focus. Return to the area where you fought the Executioner, move to the gate you used to come in and look towards the sealed gate. Look up to see some red things hanging. Look at the one in the middle to find your first Rune, a giant red "X" Now go up the staircase and move to the wall that's directly in front of the boat up the stairs, take a right, take another right Look at the same red thing you looked at to find the previous Rune to find your second one, a giant red "S" now Now continue along this walkway and you'll see that there's a ladder going down and one going up.

After various scenes, we'll be on a shore. Move forward and you'll see a light, which actually is the silhouette of a person. The silhouette will disappear so jump over the beam and go up and in between the tips of the boats. Jump down and continue along the side of the mountain. Soon enough you'll see the silhouette once again. Follow it up the slope and at the top you'll see the silhouette all the way into the distance underneath a dryed up tree.

If you look right you'll see what looks like a Rune-sealed gate. We're about to get a lot of Lorestones in the upcoming area, so just follow the boxes below to navigate the area and collect them all! Go down this little hill and when you jump down, you'll see the Lorestone right in front of you, on the broken piece of wood. From the previous Lorestone, look right towards the Rune-sealed gate and go up the little slope to the right to find the Lorestone at the end of it. Proceed left from the last Lorestone, go down the ladder and move directly forward towards the shore.

Move behind the boat to find the Lorestone at the edge of the sea. Go right from the previous Lorestone then go left under the stone arch. Follow this path, go right when possible to be right next to the mountain. Continue moving forward to the left and when the path starts going left under what seems like parts of boats, go right towards the boat slammed in the mountain inside of the boat and right to find your Lorestone. Now that was a lot of Lorestones in one go, eh? A what a good story man! Anyway, return a little bit and now continue down the path under the boat parts to see the silhouette once again. Move to it to trigger a little scene and man does the scenery drastically change! This is what I call beautiful!

Move towards the tree to have the scene continue From where we're left after the scene, go left under the tree branch and as you cross it, you can see your Lorestone in the distance. From the previous Lorestone, continue around the tree to the right, but stick to the shore to find your Lorestone behind the large stones. That's it for the Lorestones in this chapter. The only thing left for us to do is to keep going around and approach the blue-ish entrance of the tree.

Examine the sword stuck inside to trigger a couple scenes. We now need that sword, Gramr, since we have no swords thanks to Hela! During the scenes, you probably saw monuments around the tree light up in a bright blue. We have to approach all 4 of these to reforge Gramr. Let's start with the one closest to us. Put the tree behind you and look left to find your first Challenge, to get the Labyrinth Shard Return to where you started and go the other way this time. Follow this path as it goes up the hill and at the top you'll find a little house. Approach the entrance, take the torch and go inside. THIS is the labyrinth, hence the name of the chapter. I will give you very specific directions, so make sure to follow them.

Every direction will be said as you go in the room, so there'll only be right , left , front , ok? You can light the torches you come across. If you see a torch, don't be afraid of lighting it up. This serves the purpose of marking where you've already passed. Make no deviations. Simply light up the torch in the room that you're in usually in the center of the area and that's it. It'll make the navigation much easier.

Alright, now it's time to get out of here and NOW follow the correct path. If you lit the torches, then you'll have it pretty simple since you only have to follow the lit torches and you'll be good to go. If you didn't, follow the instructions:. If you followed the previous instructions you should be out. There are no more Lorestones in this Chapter and Challenge either so that's a plus. It's time to follow the correct path, and the same rules apply: light up torches as you go, no deviations and follow the instructions to a "T". In the room that you come to, there is a large hole in the back. Go through the hole to find a passage behind it. Follow it and you'll have another fork in your path. Go to it and open it to trigger some scenes.

We are dropped off in front of the challenge, as the shard turns grey showing that we've completed it. Three more to go! Go back up the hill, to the area by the tree, and look to the left to find a place we can drop down at. From there, go ahead and go straight to the next challenge and enter it. After a quick story on Baldr, we will be in a new place. Head forward and you'll see the bridge is out straight ahead.

To your right you can knock down a platform to make a bridge to a nearby island with a mask. Go ahead and look through it use focus to change the area up a bit. After looking into the mask, you'll notice the world is quite a bit lighter. Head back over the bridge you pushed down and you will see to the right the bridge is fixed. Cross over it and run to the round shield-like object to the right to find your Lorestone. From here, investigate the Rune Gate to your right to get the rune symbol we'll need to find. The gate to the right is locked up, and is exactly where we need to go. Instead, walk away from the gate and down the steps in front of the locked gate to the dock area and knock down the bridge to your right.

Look through the mask once again to change the world back to the "Dark World" and then the gate will be open destroyed, rather. Go through it and use the mask you find to change back to the "Light World", then go for the Lorestone down below. After looking into the mask and turning the world back to light, the way into the house will be open.

Enter and look between the steps for another round object that houses our next Lorestone. From here, you can go to the left and unlock the door you find to get back outside. You can unlock another door to the left from here to get back out to the dock area. Now, go back inside the house. To find the rune, head up the steps above where the Lorestone was and look towards the front entrance. See the light pouring through on the right-side of the door? Line it up and focus to get the rune Now, head back to the last mask you used and use it again to switch back to the Dark World, then go to the Rune Gate and open it up. Open the gate up after that as well and then get the Lorestone nearby:.

After going through the gate behind the Rune Gate, go up the hill on the left a little bit and you'll see the round object up ahead with our Lorestone. Once you have that, go back down the hill a bit and look back towards the Lorestone. To the right is a broken staircase. Line it up and focus to repair it and then head up. Another Lorestone is near:. Head up the stairs you brought back, and then up two more sets of stairs. When you get to the higher level of the house, the familiar round object with our Lorestone will be on your right. Next we have to open another Rune Gate, as the shadow has went beyond it.

Ever beyond our grasp. Examine the Rune Gate to get three marks. We can get our first one in this Dark World, but we'll need to change worlds later for the other two. For now, walk away from the Gate and go up the stairs to an even higher level. Up here, knock down the bridge to your right, but do not go over it yet. Instead, continue forward and open up the door you find. Head outside and you'll see the mark appear in the air. Go to the right and look out to the left where the railing has crumbled. The masts and the string here will form to be your first rune Head back now, and make your way past the bridge you knocked down and look into the mask to go back to the Light World After changing back to the Light World, cross the bridge and take a right before the door.

You'll spot the round object in this pathway, and we'll have our next Lorestone. From the last Lorestone, head right and unbar the door you find the left one should also be unbarred, if you've been following this guide. Go back to the mask now and use it to change to the Dark World. Now, head through the unbarred door where we got a rune earlier and then through the far door we unbarred. Head all the way through the gate at the end and you'll wrap around to a bridge you can put down.

Now, use the mask to go back to the Light World. Head across the bridge you pushed down and our Lorestone is just to the left. That is the last Lorestone for this chapter. We can also get a nearby rune! From the Lorestone, turn around and go to the end of the platform, then look to the right. The hole in the board here is one of our runes, so just focus on it to collect it. One more rune to go. Head back to the masks but do not use them. Stay in the Light World. Head down to the lower floor and look at the wall across from the gate.

The broken wall here is our rune, but you have to back away from it and go slightly to the left to make it line up. Once you have that rune, you can use the nearby mask to switch to the Dark World and unlock the Rune Gate. Head forward here and when you come to it, you'll have to cross a narrow beam to continue the shadow even eggs us on. Do so and be careful of your balance as you go. Once you get to the end, go forward for some scenes After the scenes, we're left just where we entered the last challenge. Turn around and head LEFT , towards the next blue shard. It's rather close so you can get to it fairly easily and the lorestone you see to the left is one we've already collected.

Enter the blue shard to take on the "Swamp Shard Challenge". Right away, the voices realize this place is rotten. We have no choice though. Continue forward and soon you'll see the shadow, going into a house up ahead. Chase after it and drop down, then go to the right, into the house. This path leads to a dead-end, with the left path blocked by debris, but there is a stone arch here to the right. Much like the Valravn level, you can go behind the stone arch and look through it to see the pathway opens. Do so and go through the stone arch to clear the debris straight ahead. Continue on and you'll come to a destroyed bridge.

Just like the voices say, we have to restore this to continue, but we really can't do it from here. Head further in you can take the right or left path, it doesn't matter and near the back is a second stone archway. We'll want to go through it, but there's a Lorestone nearby Cross under the Archway first, then read the box below :. After crossing under that last stone archway, head to your right past the planks, to a new area that's opened up.

You'll see a third stone archway but beyond it is our Lorestone! Go ahead and go through the third Stone Archway now and enter the doorframe. Look to the right After going through the doorframe, enter the Stone Archway in front of you and there will be stairs up to the tower. Make your way back to the right to wrap around to the stairs and climb the ladder. Go out onto the walkway and look down to the bridge from here. Line it up and focus to restore it! We've done it! Go back down to the swamp and make your way back towards the bridge towards the house note the light Enter it and read the box below for a Lorestone:. After you enter the house, continue forward and go right when you can to find our Lorestone on one of the house's beams. That's also the last Lorestone for this chapter, so no more worries there.

We aren't done yet though. Turn around and go examine the Rune Gate to start a mini-maze and chase section OK, we must be quick here. After the scenes, you will see a shadowy figure cloaked in flames coming at us. What we need to do here is to escape him while finding the three runes to open the way out. For the most part, we are going to keep going "right" around this area to find these runes. The right path is not always right though as you can see from the video, where we get tripped up a few times. Still, let's add some steps here to go along with the video:. Go forward and left here following the right-hand wall until you can make a right again. Go past the chains blocking your way and straight to the back wall, then left to the rune.

From there, you should see the light shadow and behind it the last rune. Go LEFT here quickly and left immediately into some chains. Go past them and then forward diagonally, zig-zagging past the barriers here until you can take a right and you'l see the Rune Door up ahead. Friends of one another do we declare ourselves to be, even as our fathers were, friends from of old. Nay, if thou wilt, go and ask the old warrior Laertes, who, they say, comes no more to the city, but afar in the fields suffers woes attended by an aged woman as his handmaid, who sets before him food and drink, after weariness has laid hold of his limbs, as he creeps along the slope of his vineyard plot.

For not yet has goodly Odysseus perished on the earth, but still, I ween, he lives and is held back on the broad sea in a sea-girt isle, and cruel men keep him, a savage folk, that constrain him, haply sore against his will. Nay, I will now prophesy to thee, as the immortals put it in my heart, and as I think it shall be brought to pass, though I am in no wise a soothsayer, nor one versed in the signs of birds.

Not much longer shall he be absent from his dear native land, no, not though bonds of iron hold him. He will contrive a way to return, for he is a man of many devices. But come, tell me this and declare it truly, whether indeed, tall as thou art, thou art the son of Odysseus himself. Wondrously like his are thy head and beautiful eyes; for full often did we consort with one another before he embarked for the land of Troy, whither others, too, the bravest of the Argives, went in their hollow ships.

But since that day neither have I seen Odysseus, nor he me. My mother says that I am his child; but I know not, for never yet did any man of himself know his own parentage. Ah, would that I had been the son of some blest man, whom old age overtook among his own possessions. But now of him who was the most ill-fated of mortal men they say that I am sprung, since thou askest me of this. But come, tell me this and declare it truly. What feast, what throng is this? What need hast thou of it? Is it a drinking bout, or a wedding feast? For this plainly is no meal to which each brings his portion, with such outrage and overweening do they seem to me to be feasting in thy halls. Angered would a man be at seeing all these shameful acts, any man of sense who should come among them.

But now the gods have willed otherwise in their evil devising, seeing that they have caused him to pass from sight as they have no other man. For I should not so grieve for his death, if he had been slain among his comrades in the land of the Trojans, or had died in the arms of his friends, when he had wound up the skein of war. Then would the whole host of the Achaeans have made him a tomb, and for his son, too, he would have won great glory in days to come. But as it is, the spirits of the storm have swept him away and left no tidings: he is gone out of sight, out of hearing, and for me he has left anguish and weeping; nor do I in any wise mourn and wail for him alone, seeing that the gods have brought upon me other sore troubles. For all the princes who hold sway over the islands—Dulichium and Same and wooded Zacynthus— and those who lord it over rocky Ithaca, all these woo my mother and lay waste my house.

And she neither refuses the hateful marriage, nor is she able to make an end; but they with feasting consume my substance: ere long they will bring me, too, to ruin. Thou hast of a truth sore need of Odysseus that is gone, that he might put forth his hands upon the shameless wooers. Would that he might come now and take his stand at the outer gate of the house, with helmet and shield and two spears, such a man as he was when I first saw him in our house drinking and making merry, on his way back from Ephyre, from the house of Ilus, son of Mermerus. For thither, too, went Odysseus in his swift ship in search of a deadly drug, that he might have wherewith to smear his bronze-tipped arrows; yet Ilus gave it not to him, for he stood in awe of the gods that are forever; but my father gave it, for he held him strangely dear.

Would, I say, that in such strength Odysseus might come amongst the wooers; then should they all find swift destruction and bitterness in their wooing. Yet these things verily lie on the knees of the gods, whether he shall return and wreak vengeance in his halls, or whether he shall not; but for thyself, I bid thee take thought how thou mayest thrust forth the wooers from the hall. Come now, give ear, and hearken to my words. On the morrow call to an assembly the Achaean lords, and speak out thy word to all, and let the gods be thy witnesses. As for the wooers, bid them scatter, each to his own; and for thy mother, if her heart bids her marry, let her go back to the hall of her mighty father, and there they will prepare a wedding feast, and make ready the gifts full many—aye, all that should follow after a well-loved daughter.

And to thyself will I give wise counsel, if thou wilt hearken. First go to Pylos and question goodly Nestor, and from thence to Sparta to fair-haired Menelaus; for he was the last to reach home of the brazen-coated Achaeans. If so be thou shalt hear that thy father is alive and coming home, then verily, though thou art sore afflicted, thou couldst endure for yet a year. But if thou shalt hear that he is dead and gone, then return to thy dear native land and heap up a mound for him, and over it pay funeral rites, full many as is due, and give thy mother to a husband. Then when thou hast done all this and brought it to an end, thereafter take thought in mind and heart how thou mayest slay the wooers in thy halls whether by guile or openly; for it beseems thee not to practise childish ways, since thou art no longer of such an age.

Or hast thou not heard what fame the goodly Orestes won among all mankind when he slew his father's murderer, the guileful Aegisthus, for that he slew his glorious father? Thou too, my friend, for I see that thou art comely and tall, be thou valiant, that many an one of men yet to be born may praise thee. But now I will go down to my swift ship and my comrades, who, methinks, are chafing much at waiting for me. For thyself, give heed and have regard to my words. But come now, tarry, eager though thou art to be gone, in order that when thou hast bathed and satisfied thy heart to the full, thou mayest go to thy ship glad in spirit, and bearing a gift costly and very beautiful, which shall be to thee an heirloom from me, even such a gift as dear friends give to friends.

And in his mind he marked her and marvelled, for he deemed that she was a god; and straightway he went among the wooers, a godlike man. And from her upper chamber the daughter of Icarius, wise Penelope, heard his wondrous song, and she went down the high stairway from her chamber, not alone, for two handmaids attended her. Now when the fair lady had come to the wooers, she stood by the door-post of the well-built hall, holding before her face her shining veil; and a faithful handmaid stood on either side of her.

Sing them one of these, as thou sittest here, and let them drink their wine in silence. But cease from this woeful song which ever harrows the heart in my breast, for upon me above all women has come a sorrow not to be forgotten. So dear a head do I ever remember with longing, even my husband, whose fame is wide through Hellas and mid-Argos. It is not minstrels that are to blame, but Zeus, I ween, is to blame, who gives to men that live by toil, to each one as he will.

With this man no one can be wroth if he sings of the evil doom of the Danaans; for men praise that song the most which comes the newest to their ears. For thyself, let thy heart and soul endure to listen; for not Odysseus alone lost in Troy the day of his return, but many others likewise perished. Nay, go to thy chamber, and busy thyself with thine own tasks, the loom and the distaff, and bid thy handmaids ply their tasks; but speech shall be for men, for all, but most of all for me; since mine is the authority in the house. Up to her upper chamber she went with her handmaids, and then bewailed Odysseus, her dear husband until flashing-eyed Athena cast sweet sleep upon her eyelids.

But in the morning let us go to the assembly and take our seats, one and all, that I may declare my word to you outright that you depart from these halls. Prepare you other feasts, eating your own substance and changing from house to house. But if this seems in your eyes to be a better and more profitable thing, that one man's livelihood should be ruined without atonement, waste ye it. But I will call upon the gods that are forever, if haply Zeus may grant that deeds of requital may be wrought. Without atonement, then, should ye perish within my halls. May the son of Cronos never make thee king in sea-girt Ithaca, which thing is by birth thy heritage.

Even this should I be glad to accept from the hand of Zeus. Thinkest thou indeed that this is the worst fate among men? Nay, it is no bad thing to be a king. Straightway one's house grows rich and oneself is held in greater honor. However, there are other kings of the Achaeans full many in seagirt Ithaca, both young and old. One of these haply may have this place, since goodly Odysseus is dead. But I will be lord of our own house and of the slaves that goodly Odysseus won for me. Never may that man come who by violence and against thy will shall wrest thy possessions from thee, while men yet live in Ithaca. But I am fain, good sir, to ask thee of the stranger, whence this man comes.

Of what land does he declare himself to be? Where are his kinsmen and his native fields?

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