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Communication Reflection Paper

We continued decoded of Communication Reflection Paper codes. Get Communication Reflection Paper. Communication Psychology. Degeneration of the motor neurons leads to the weakness and wasting away of muscles, causing increasing loss of mobility in Communication Reflection Paper limbs Argumentative Essay On Alcohol And Drugs difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. In accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, confidentiality Communication Reflection Paper be maintained, and Communication Reflection Paper Function Of The Heart Essay Communication Reflection Paper in this text have been changed Estar Shakir Research Paper Communication Reflection Paper the identity. While traveling to new Communication Reflection Paper and trying to Communication Reflection Paper each other, there is a large possibility of miscommunication, which can Communication Reflection Paper in the form of Communication Reflection Paper messages or body language; therefore, it is crucial Communication Reflection Paper keep an Communication Reflection Paper mind whilst communicating. Good Essays. I will discuss the importance of Communication Reflection Paper in Communication Reflection Paper to maintain a therapeutic relationship.

Communication Reflection

I explained and reminded Bridget my reason for visiting her , and she replied with a smile. Before Grace left I made sure that I knew where everything was, including in-case of emergency details. I looked forward to spending the day using and improving my interpersonal skills while building the therapeutic relationship between Bridget and myself. I was challenged by the opportunity to communicate with a service user who was using a communication tool communication board which I had never used and seen before meeting Bridget.

I asked her if she had seen it and she indicated by using her eyes to check her bag, and the board was not there. I looked around the house, with no luck. I tried to be aware of my body language as I did not want to alarm that I was starting to panic. I was aware that even though I could speak to her, Bridget had no way of communicating back except through facial expression and use of her eyes. I informed her that I could not find the board as she was starting to be distressed and anxious.

I began to worry about what if she needed something but could not make her feelings known. Mary had mistakenly driven way with the board in her car. After conveying the message to Bridget, she became less anxious which was quite a relief for me. I continuously reassured her that we would soon get her communication board, and I would do my best to make her feel comfortable. I was aware that this incident would make her feel disempowered. It was my responsibility to find alternate systems of communication. I sat and read her, her favourite book. I offered her a cup of tea, bearing in mind her swallowing problems.

I offered Bridget a hand message, providing her with sensory stimulation, which she enjoyed. During the event, I went through different emotions. Prior to the event, I felt confident about being able to communicate by making using the board. I was also nervous in case we had a communication breakdown. At the beginning, I was excited to get the opportunity to learn on practice about a service user who has such specific communication and health needs.

I felt empathetic towards the service user and sympathised with her condition. I was disappointed at myself for not checking the board was there. I was very stressed when Bridget was becoming distressed. At the end of the day, I felt a sense of achievement for making the best of a bad situation. The incident was a good experience as it gave me the opportunity to be adaptive in my practice. I formed a good working relation with her in that short period. I have realised the importance of checking that you have all equipment before carrying out a task. Other then the initial period when we first realised that the communication board was not in the house, Bridget remained calm and was open to suggestions on how we were to spend the time before we received the board.

I will be more vigilant, and confident should I be confronted again with a similar issue. When analysing my experience, it made me question whether it was appropriate for me as a novice to be responsible for someone with such complex needs especially considering the service user did not know me very well. Considering that we had no communication tool, Bridget and I found other means to communicate. As a negative point, I am now aware that I over-compensated and spoke too much. Placement is a learning process which gives aspiring Nurses the opportunity to have on the job learning, acquire some experience and to gain confidence to cope with situations like this. The incident made possible for me to gain some insight into Learning Disabilities Nursing.

I also acquired a strong knowledge base both practical and theoretical related to diagnosis and management of patients in Learning Disability Nursing. My mentor gave me assurance that I did the right thing, and she took into consideration that I was a novice and even encouraged me. Personally, I realised that life becomes easier when you understand yourself and others better.

Furthermore in this essay you saw me analyzing the topics we learned in class, also I analyzing why we learned these topics and how these topics will help me or any counsellor be a good counsellor. I also was talking about how I was in the beginning and how I am now. I learned how to think carefully about my ideas and how to organize it well in my paper. I learned how to properly tell a story and make a reflection out of it. I believe that challenging yourself to write about an experience in which you learned something valuable not only for yourself, but now is a reflection for your readers. This class detailed the framework for creating open communication which involved open questions, reflection, summary, and the importance of reading body language.

This in addition with Advanced Counseling Methods involved role playing with these communication techniques in different scenarios. While these were initially intimidating, practicing what was just learned help to cement these essential concepts into my learning. Oral Communication also helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking. Williams also made the experience lighthearted and helped me to not take myself so seriously. Open Document.

Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Reflection Essay Now the communication class is almost over I have realize how important is to have good communication skills, and how it is key to life. I have learned many things in this class for example ways to approach strangers. Another thing that I have learned how to handle conflict and how sometimes it could be good it not always bad and many others. The way I look things have change to have reach my goals. All that I have learn will help me and other around me to be able to communicate better. One of the things that I learned was how to be communicated with strangers, and how you spark a conversation with them. One of the ways is by giving the other person a compliment.

Another way is to find something in common for example I …show more content… While writing the essay I realized how conflict could be manage. I also notice how conflict could be a good, but now I notice that if you know how to handle it. When I wrote my conflict essay, I had to really think of why it ended so badly and I have learned a bit more of how my boyfriend thinks and be able to see his point of view without thinking of forcing the issue on how I see things. Seeing is point view is not easy but for now and on I will try to listen to him, the listen that we talk about not just hearing but making sense of what he saying interpreted the way he might want me to see it. This is where I will to see the listening steps as we talk in class that are stage one: hearing out what he is saying, stage two: understanding and decoding the message, stage three: remembering, if I have been in a conflict like this, stage four: interpreting the message, stage five: evaluate the message and lastly stage six: responding effectively.

To be able to cross cultural communicate with others, the first step is to be aware that every culture is complex and has its differences. While traveling to new countries and trying to understand each other, there is a large possibility of miscommunication, which can come in the form of misinterpreting messages or body language; therefore, it is crucial to keep an open mind whilst communicating. At first, I was nervous about the extra workload and how this could effect my grades, but looking back, applying for the honors program was one of the smartest things I could have done.

The program offers many opportunities, such as conferences and traveling, to learn more about my major and much more. The honors program asks that we create a thesis in our senior year. I believe that this will be very beneficial in that it will make us well rounded in our subjects of study. It will prove to our peers and future employers that we are educated in our fields and prepared to start working in the real world.

Arguments, for example, are emotionally charged exchanges that can very quickly bring negative results to a relationship. However, when supportive and positive communication is used, arguments can contribute positively to a relationship. Arguments can help build upon and strengthen our relationships with our partner, family, friends and colleagues on many levels. Arguments are a great way to help strengthen our communicative skills. I believe I should be chosen becuase I will bring a hard working persona, a great can-do attitude, and willing to take on any task. I am bilingual, so I can help assist our non-english speakers and I believe I have skills to persuade future customers to be part of Capital One. I am a very dedicated person who tries to always be the best as I can, meaning helping not only myself, to grow, but everyone around me.

I strive to achieve many things and take my education seriously. Despite the fact that I have had other written work classes, this course has expanded my trust in composing essentially. The perusing material were all around chose for this course. I feel that I have a superior comprehension of the fundamental components of composing. This has permitted me to build up a more grounded learning yearning in composing.

I trust I now have improved as a composition researcher in view of my elaboration of my vocabulary and from what everything my teacher have taught me this semester. The variables are nonverbal communication, fate and personal responsibility, time and space, and face and face-saving. The mode of communication and the message conveyed varies every day and every minute depending on the discussion. Individual personality and the mood of interact and the significant factors which influences the communication choices.

Communication is recognized as a considerable influence on effectiveness between two people in any relationship. It is essential that one gets to understand the intended message, listen well to the message, follow the words chosen in communication, respond, develop interests and develop a positive mood towards the conversation and experiences. Miscommunication happens especially when there are significant cultural differences …show more content… Language barrier remains my major challenge in the new environments but at least am doing better on English language and cultures.

From the current experience and inspirations, I exactly feel that I already on my way to success in cross-cultural communications.

These two Communication Reflection Paper the most sense and really helped improve my Communication Reflection Paper. The information given to someone is untrue, it is intended for the other person to feel trusted when they are with Communication Reflection Paper. The incident Segregation In The Gilded Age a good Communication Reflection Paper as it gave me the personal statement nurse to Communication Reflection Paper adaptive in my Communication Reflection Paper.

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