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The Spectator Addison

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The essays written in a style and format new to the age in the English speaking world were examples of clear English prose. Both journals had been read widely in the first publication and had been translated into many European languages over the course of more than two centuries. The essayists had inaugurated a newly forged style of debate in the bourgeois public sphere of society separate from the state or the royal courts and relevant to the interests of the middle class which desired to present social issues of the age.

Regular articles written in a prose form as short, informal essays had been published by the two writers who have been compared to journalists. The early eighteenth century journalism of Joseph Addison and Richard Steele revealed a perspective on the attitudes, tastes and styles of the middle class of the period. Steele began a career with the London Gazette and started The Tatler in The journal was published three times a week in new and innovative fashion.

There were essays on a variety of topics including theatre reviews, articles on clothing and manners and was impartial when many publications were bitterly political. The Tatler had folded at the start of but had been followed by The Spectator. Addison had begun contributing a larger number of essays than Steele and had set the tone for the new journal which was published every day except Sunday. Steele was an Irishman born of a respectable family in Dublin where his father was an attorney and in England he had to make his way in the world. After studying law at Oxford which he left without completing a degree Steele went into the army rising to the rank of a captain.

Writing poetry and drama on the side while officer in the military Steele had been to London to obtain a position at court and began editing an official newspaper the London Gazette. His father Reverend Lancelot Addison had been the chaplain of the English garrison at Tangier in Morocco and later had become the Dean of the cathedral at Lichfield. Joseph Addison had been designated early for a public career as a civil servant. After obtaining a degree at Oxford he had made a grand tour of the Continent. As a member of Parliament he had been given a seat without a campaign and made a cabinet minister. They had crossed paths in London in the early part of the eighteenth century.

Both writers had political and literary ambitions as Addison and Steele in spite of their differences. Addison had many friends and appeared to have been brilliant at gaining influence. Of serious demeanor he had written ambitious poems and the verse tragedy Cato in as a play of the repertory for decades. Steele had favoured a journalistic style and his plays had been comedies notorious for running up big debts. In and Addison had been a member of Parliament for the borough of Lostwithiel and had been appointed secretary to the new Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Lord Wharton under whose direction he had been a member in the Irish House of Commons for Cavan borough from until In he had represented Malmesbury in his home county of Wiltshire holding the seat until his death in His play dealt with conflicts as individual liberty encountered government tyranny.

A prologue had been written by Alexander Pope and an epilogue by Samuel Garth. Throughout the British Empire the play had continued to grow in popularity which had extended amongst the populace in America for several generations. It is cited by some historians of the eighteenth century as a literary inspiration for the American Revolution being known to many of the founding fathers.

General George Washington had witnessed a performance of Cato for the Continental army during the difficult winter of and at Valley Forge. According to many writers no single work of literature may have been more important than Cato for the leaders of the American revolution. The reference had been to Addison and the passage quoted was from Cato Act V. Scene i. The action of the play involved the forces of Cato at Utica, the attack of Caesar following his victory at Thapsus in 46 BC.

Sempronius, a senator and Syphax, a general of the Numidians were conspiring secretly against Cato, hoping to prevent the Numidian army from supporting him. The Original magazine and what I talk about in this hub was first published in Both the diarist and everyone those who surround him are not better than him because they are an integral part of his boring life. The minute detail given by the diarist about his lackluster life shows how much attention he pays to it.

The dry and apathetic tone of the diarist throughout the passage reveals his apathy regarding matters that happen outside his realm. The character wakes up at eight, puts on his clothes, smokes his pipes, walks to the fields, goes to Mr. Addison repeats what the diarist does and record everyday because it is the same boring thing. Addison is teasing the diarist to show the crowd what an imbecile he is when he cares about every single aspect of his life and nothing further than that.

The diarist is not alone as the society is equally foolish by continuing in its daily routines. Society also is just like the diarist because the diarist is one of the many ignorant fools who make up society. Therefore the tone by which society is represented is just as lackluster, apathetic and boring. Every day the diarist goes to Mr. Nisby accurately represents the working class society. The society is ignorant and sees the death of the Grand Vizier as another occurrence in the world. No one cares about the Grand Vizier but only of the stock prices.

This goes to show society was selfish. The society in which he lives is equally monotonous as well. There are Grand Viziers that are present in far away empires that are dead and one should possess the knowledge about them. Addison is teasing the diarist and all those who are like him because they were not interested in politics and knowledge of the outside world. The diarist was an apathetic individual because of the society he lived in and the society was ignorant because of individuals like the diarist. Marine Biology.

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