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Southern Charm Research Paper

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Money-back guarantee Our cheap essay writing service tries to always be at its best performance level, so each customer who pays money for paper writing can be sure that he or she will get what is wanted. The first, presumably the earlier, is curved like the pointed tip knives. The second has a straight blade and often a pronounced angled bend in the middle. A wide range of characters is found on the reverses of Ming knives. Some are single characters or numerals, similar to those found on the pointed tip knives.

You has the subsidiary meaning of junior or west; zuo can also mean senior or east. The excavations at Xiadu revealed in the inner city a zuo gong left-hand palace, and a you gong right-hand palace. The similarities between the other characters in these two groups show that they were determined by the same system. A fourth group has inscriptions beginning with an unclear character, and other characters similar to those found in the you and zuo groups.

The round coin, the precursor of the familiar cash coin , circulated in both the spade and knife money areas in the Zhou period, from around BC. Apart from two small and presumably late coins from the State of Qin, coins from the spade money area have a round hole and refer to the jin and liang units. Those from the knife money area have a square hole and are denominated in hua. Although for discussion purposes the Zhou coins are divided up into categories of knives, spades, and round coins, it is apparent from archaeological finds that most of the various kinds circulated together.

A hoard found in , near Hebi in north Henan province, consisted of: 3, Gong spades, 3 Anyi arched foot spades, 8 Liang Dang Lie spades, 18 Liang square foot spades and 1, Yuan round coins, all contained in three clay jars. Another example is a find made in Liaoning province in , which consisted of 2, Yi Hua round coins, 14 spade coins, and Ming knives. Thus the original Ban Liang weighed the equivalent of 12 zhu — 8 grams 0. This means that Ban Liangs are found in a great variety of sizes and calligraphic styles, all with the same inscription, which are difficult to classify and to date exactly, especially those of unofficial or local manufacture.

The History of Han says: "When Qin united the world, it made two sorts of currency: that of yellow gold, which was called yi and was the currency of the higher class; and that of bronze, which was similar in quality to the coins of Zhou, but bore an inscription saying Half Ounce, and was equal in weight to its inscription. A remarkable find was some bamboo tablets amongst which were found regulations drawn up before BC concerning metal and cloth money.

A thousand coins, good and bad mixed, were to be placed in pen baskets or jars and sealed with the Seal of the Director. At Zhangpu in Shaanxi , just such a sealed jar, containing 1, Ban Liang of various weights and sizes, was discovered. At the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, c. In BC, the weight was set at 4 zhu. Private minting was permitted again, but with strict regulation of the weight and alloy. By this time, a full monetary economy had developed. Taxes, salaries, and fines were all paid in coins. An average of million coins a year were produced. According to the Book of Han , the Western Han was a wealthy period [ citation needed ] :. The granaries in the cities and the countryside were full and the government treasuries were running over with wealth.

In the capital the strings of cash had been stacked up by the hundreds of millions until the cords that bound them had rotted away and they could no longer be counted. On average, millet cost 75 cash and polished rice cash a hectolitre, a horse 4,—4, cash. A labourer could be hired for cash a month; a merchant could earn 2, cash a month. Apart from the Ban Liang coins described previously, there were two other coins of the Western Han whose inscription denoted their weight:. The quote implies that Lord Shen's coinage was small and light. Wang Mang was a nephew of the Dowager Empress Wang. In AD 9, he usurped the throne, and founded the Xin Dynasty. He introduced a number of currency reforms which met with varying degrees of success.

The first reform, in AD 7, retained the Wu Zhu coin, but reintroduced two versions of the knife money:. Between AD 9 and 10 he introduced an impossibly complex system involving tortoise shell , cowries , gold, silver, six round copper coins, and a reintroduction of the spade money in ten denominations. The people became bewildered and confused, and these coins did not circulate.

They secretly used Wu Zhu coins for their purchases. Wang Mang was very concerned at this and issued the following decree:. Those who dare to oppose the court system and those who dare to use Wu Zhus surreptitiously to deceive the people and equally the spirits will all be exiled to the Four Frontiers and be at the mercy of devils and demons. The result of this was that trade and agriculture languished, and food became scarce.

People went about crying in the markets and the highways, the numbers of sufferers being untold. In AD 14, all these tokens were abolished, and replaced by another type of spade coin and new round coins. And so he introduced the Huo Quan currency. This circumstance lent a charm to this coin and prolonged its time of circulation. Eventually, Wang Mang's unsuccessful reforms provoked an uprising, and he was killed by rebels in AD In , the Han Dynasty came to an end, and was followed by a long period of disunity and civil war, beginning with the Three Kingdoms period, which developed from the divisions within the Han Dynasty.

The period was the golden age of chivalry in Chinese history, as described in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The coinage reflected the unsettled times, with small and token coins predominating. In the s, a jar of small "goose eye" coins was dug up in Chengdu in Sichuan. This reinforces the supposition that all these coins are near contemporaries, issued by Shu Han. The people were called upon to hand over the copper in their possession and receive back cash, and thus illicit coining was discouraged. These are coarse coins, cast in the capital Nanking or in Hubei. At first, the dynasty was known as the Western Jin with Luo-yang as its capital; from , it ruled as the Eastern Jin from Nanking.

The historical records do not mention the specific casting of coins during the Jin Dynasty. In the south, reductions in the weights of coins caused great price fluctuations, and cloth and grain were used as substitutes for coins. In the north, numerous independent kingdoms The Sixteen Kingdoms issued some interesting coins. There is no rim. They are known as the Cash of Riches — keeping the coin about one was said to bring great wealth. However, the historical record states that the people were displeased, and that in the end the coin did not circulate. This is the first recorded use of a period title on a coin.

The period ended in These were issued during the Zhenxing period — by Helian Bobo, probably at Xi'an. The North and South Dynasties era was another long period of disunity and strife. The north and south of China were each ruled by two separate successions of dynasties. During this period, coin inscriptions other than nominal weights, such as names or year titles, were introduced, although the Wu Zhu coin was still issued. Seal script remained the norm for inscriptions and some coins of highly regarded calligraphy were produced. However, the general coinage was of a very poor quality. In , permission was granted for the people to mint coins. A thousand of these "goose eye" coins which resulted made a pile less than three inches 76 mm high.

There were others, still worse, called "Fringe Rim" coins, which would not sink in water and would break in one's hand. In the market, people would not bother counting them, but would pick them up by the handful. A peck of rice sold for 10, of these. Reforms by Emperor Ming from onwards, had only a limited success in improving the quality of the coinage. The last three small coins, weighing only 2 zhu , were all issued by Emperor Fei in As the Jinghe and Yongguang periods only lasted for a few months, these coins are very rare. The Song capital was at Nanking. A hoard was discovered in Jiangsu containing 4, Tai Qing Feng Le coins with various other sorts of coins showing that this is not an amulet as had been claimed by some authorities.

At first the coin was equivalent to ten Wu Zhus. Later the value was changed to one, and the contemporary saying "They cried before the Emperor, their arms akimbo" is said to refer to the discontent among the people caused by this. The seal character for liu suggests the "arms akimbo" posture. The coin was withdrawn in when the Emperor died, and Wu Zhus were adopted. The Chen capital was Nanking. They are finely made. The Northern Qi capital was Linzhang in Hebei. Each Regional Director supervised 3 or 4 Local Services. The above coins, the "Northern Zhou Three Coins", are written in the Yu Zhu jade chopstick style of calligraphy which is greatly admired. They are usually attributed to the time of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. This was an unsettled period which produced some very poor coinage.

The obverse inscriptions give a weight of 3 or 4 zhu. The reverse inscriptions appear to be place names. China was reunified under the Sui Dynasty — Under this short-lived dynasty, many reforms were initiated that led to the subsequent success of the Tang dynasty. The only coin associated with the Sui is a Wu Zhu coin. Additional mints were set up in various prefectures, typically with five furnaces each. Cash was frequently checked for quality by the officials. However, after , private coining again caused a deterioration of the coinage. It was cast for most of the dynasty, a period of nearly years. Its diameter was to be 8 fen. The weight was set at 2. The legend was written by the famous calligrapher Ouyang Xun in a much admired mixture of the Bafen and Li official or clerkly styles of writing.

This is the first to include the phrase tong bao, used on many subsequent coins. The inscription was used by other regimes in later periods; such coins can be distinguished from Tang coins by their workmanship. Minting and copper extraction were centrally controlled, and private casting was punishable by death. Previously the percentages used seem to have been on an ad hoc basis. Actual analyses show rather less copper than this.

A crescent-shaped mark is often found on the reverse of Kai Yuans. The legend is that the Empress Wende or, as in some folk legends, Wu Zetian inadvertently stuck one of her fingernails in a wax model of the coin when it was first presented to her, and the resulting mark was reverentially retained. Other imperial ladies have also been proposed as the source of these nail marks, especially the Imperial Consort Yang.

Peng explores the possibility of a foreign source for them. More prosaically, they appear to be a control system operated by the mint workers. Minting rights were also granted to some princes and officials. Paid Options:. Migration is essentially a copy-paste function, and LAMP Stack works with genuine domain names such as mysite. This option is not recommended for websites that cannot experience downtime, as the LAMP stack may experience occasional outages. Student Computer Requirement. Guidance Regarding Electronic Textbooks and Readings. Search Tool. Free Options: D2L This easy-to-use platform will make it simple to recreate websites with built-in tools, however, there is no full publicly-facing option available.

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